Help someone's first steps into freedom

A new trainee starting her employment will naturally not be able to cover the cost of the employment through the work she completes. A small item that may take a long-term employee a short time to make will take the trainee a lot longer. We want to continue to be a safe and supportive environment for the women, but find it a challenge to cover the wage through sales alone. We don’t want to turn a person away and therefore we are looking for sponsors of this program and the people in it. 

Sponsorship means that a woman can be employed to start receiving a wage while taking the necessary time to learn all the products we sell and make them to the high standard we require.  It means employment does not depend on being fully trained, but on her commitment, to make a life-changing decision for herself.

When you sponsor a woman, not only is she gaining employment, she also has access to health care, counselling, and education. By partnering with us, you help women trapped in exploitation find freedom and independence.

Become a Sponsor


How much money should I commit?

It depends on your financial situation and what you feel comfortable with committing.

The amount to cover the cost of one woman during the transition period, first as an intern and then as employee, is €750 per month.

If you are are part of a group, a church or you own a shop or a company, you may be able to cover the full monthly cost for one woman.

Don't worry if you can't commit €750 per month, choose a sum that works for you! Every little bit helps to bring a woman one step closer to freedom.

For example:
35€ / month - covers salary of one day (including social insurance) 
27€ / month – covers transportation for the whole month

How long is my committment?

We would like you to commit to sponsorship for 12 months.

Sponsorship is an opportunity to personally connect with a woman free from exploitation. You will be part of the beginning of her journey and walking alongside her as she works towards a lasting solution to exploitation.

Is the woman I sponsor real?

Each woman is real! She has a past and story that she is working through. If you commit to sponsorship you will be matched with one woman in our training program.

If no one is ready to move into the business, we will communicate with you and ask you to wait for this woman to complete the training. We will never start your 12-month commitment unless a woman is ready.

What can I expect as a sponsor?

When you sign up to be a sponsor, we will send you a confirmation email with information about the woman and her story. This is the start of her journey. A journey you will go on together.

Over the year you will receive regular updates about the business and how the woman you sponsor is getting on. You will even receive a few items sewn by her.

What happens at the end of my sponsorship?

If you would like to sponsor another woman, we would love for you to do that. The woman you have been sponsoring should now be ready for her employment to be paid for by sales of the products she is making, and the business will gladly take over the responsibility.